Saturday, April 29, 2006

Here We Go!

Alright, my first post, and it will be short because it is late here and I have kids to wake up to.

So Welcome to "Ali's View," I am already feeling regret for the name I have chosen because it reminds me of "The View" that lame-o TV morning show with all the women (not that I have anything against women) that I really don't like. Most of the reason that I hate that show stems from the stupid thing they say at the end of each episode: "blah blah blah... and take time to enjoy the View." as if we are all thinking that is so clever. Ok, so here's an idea, I'm going to say something similar at the end of each of my posts as an inside joke that only you who are with me at the beginning will understand to be sarcastic and everyone else will think that it is some sort of copy wannabe of "The View" and only we will know the real reason that I say it.

Ok, that has gone on far too long. I'm starting to realize that bloggers have way too much power....

Well, I must be off--enjoy your day and take time to enjoy Ali's View (I'm not sure how long this joke will last)

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