Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kids (grr)

You can't get away with anything when you have kids, case in point:

Today, Gabe had a birthday party to go to, and quite frankly we're on our last pennies (see prev. post) (why is it that birthday parties always come right before the paycheck and not right after? Like the last thing we want to spend our money on is a present for some kid that we barely know who probably already has plenty of toys, and we can't even buy groceries?! I think it's too exessive anyway, perhaps for Gabe's next birthday I'll tell everyone to bring a toy to donate to some children's charity because trust me, my kids are spoiled enough as is!! but I digress...), as I was saying, we are on our last pennies (payday is tomorrow if you know what I mean) so I decided to use a present from the stash of UNUSED & UNOPENED toys that we keep in the closet for just such an occaision. Mind you, none of this was made mention to Gabe, we just did it without prepping Gabe (oh how niave we can still be).

So, Jon takes Gabe to Peter Piper Pizza, and about 20 minutes later, I get a phone call from Jon. Sounding a bit miffed, Jon says, "Next time we decide to regift, could you please tell Gabe not to say anything about it?" To which I respond with unrestrained laughter because I can only imagine what Gabe could have said. Sure enough Jon recounts the gory details: aparently, Gabe, upon entering Peter Piper Pizza immediately found the first ADULT (of course it couldn't have been a kid) and blurts out--right in front of Jon--"This is one of my old toys that I'm too big for." Poor Jon had to fumble to find some sort of an exit out of such a mortifying experience, so he said "Are you sure? I don't think Mom would have done that." Keep in mind that this toy has never been Gabe's, and we never even said anything to him as we got it out and wraped it! GRRR!!!

So Jon pulls Gabe aside and tells him that it isn't very polite to say things like that, to which Gabe replies: "Ok, Heavenly Father will help me to remember not to say that again." And then he ran off to his old Preschool teacher who was present at the party and immediately blurts out "Hey miss Barb--this is my---(and then he looked right at Jon)---uh, it's just a present." Needless to say, as soon as Jon saw Gabe's ride home, he bolted. And this of course makes us positive that while the kid is opening his present, Gabe is going to say "I'm not supposed to say this, but..."




Andy & Jessica said...

Love this story Ali! Totally made me laugh out loud. Kids say the darndest things uh? I also agree with you with the birthday presents. I always feel like I am spending what little money I have on someone else's kid. Is that selfish?? I always say NO PRESENTS on birthday invites for Isaac's parties. I don't want other mom's to feel that way about having their kid come to Isaac's birthday parties. Good Story!!

Becky O. said...

Ya Ali, you should start an "in lieu of gifts" movement for kids parties and donate to a charity.

But seriously, Jessica, that is a great idea to not have presents.

...I fear for the day that I get caught regifting

Sarah said...

okay-first of all that story was classic! Second of all I am turning over a new leaf.....I love comments and how can I ask for comments on my blog when I don't leave them for you....goodbye ghost reader days, hello comment mania! I think you are hilarious Ali!You definitely have a readership with me.