Sunday, September 23, 2007


There are a few great mysteries in life, here are two in my life:

Firstly, why is it that after every major wind storm a plastic bag is deposited in our backyard? It is always a plastic bag and it is always just one. I'm just not getting it, because I really don't see that many plastic bags hanging around outside. Sure, I see the occaisional plastic bag, but it is usually just one, and not very often. Are we really to believe that that one bag we all see in the street makes it's way over to my backyard everytime it is windy? And furthermore, why our backyard? I want an aerial shot of our neighborhood after a windstorm to see exactly whose backyards have plastic bags in them and whose do not. I'd be willing to bet that not very many do. And while we are asking ourselves these questions, who out there is leaving all of these plastic bags around? Ok, it just occured to me that we can probably account for the majority of them being set free from their garbage can prisons as the exchange from can to truck is made (I have actually witnessed this). So that makes me feel better, at least we can assume that few of those bags have been littered intentionally. Anyone else experience this phenomenon?

Secondly, why is it that we never have enough money? (I'm sure I'm not the only one with this mystery). Seriously though, if you think about it, the reasons people struggle with money usually are the same. For instance:

--They have purchased a home that they really cannot afford (this is not our case, we were given a certain allotment from Jon's employer to cover the cost of our monthly home payment, and like good little children, we came in under that allotment).

--They have too many cars/too big of car payments (We only have one car payment, and while it isn't small, it certainly isn't big)

--They have consumer debt (we only occaisionally do this, and we usually pay it off immediately)

--They spend lavishly (if you consider buying groceries and the odd trip to target to purchase some clothes for my kids on clearance lavish, then I guess we are guilty of this)

Seriously, that's what we spent all of our money on this last payperiod: food, gas for our cars, and about 30$ at target. It has gotten so bad that I can't even buy myself clothes from target because they are too expensive.

Wow, that sounds really bad doesn't it? Please nobody start up a collection for us, I think we'll be alright. It just never ceases to amaze me how we never seem to have enough money.

One mystery that has been solved though is that of why my blog fell into neglect--because clearly I have nothing interesting to say...


Andy & Jessica said...

I for one am very happy you have started up the blog again. I love reading about what you have to say. I even catch Andy reading it! I wish I could write as well as you. That is why my blog consists mainly of pictures. I also find myself with the same mysteries as you. Well except that instead of a plastic bag after a wind storm, we always have an empty milk jug on our driveway after the garbage man comes. Not one of our milk jugs, but a different brand-someone else's. Gross, how hard is it to bag your trash before you put it in the garbage bag? The money issue, YES we are right there with you. I think the last time I bought myself something was on my birthday, with birthday money other people gave me. Oh well I keep telling myself that as soon as I loose the 10 pounds that I want to loose I will get something new. Target is also a favorite of mine for the boys clothes. I just wish they had better boy clothes. The girl clothes are so cute!!

ali said...

I know what you mean about the garbage, just bag it all up people!

See, that's funny because, I'm always thinking that the boys clothes at target are cuter :)

I'm glad you guys are reading, I'll do my best to make sure it's entertaining!!

Adam said...

Ali, I'm a little disappointed with what you have to say about money. We have our little challenges as well, but I always comfort myself by saying "I just need to endure this until I get to where Jon and Ali are. Then my financial woes will be no more."

Oh well. I guess there's always massive debt. Check City here I come!

Taylor & Jaime said...

The myserious plastic bags and other miscellaneous trash!!! I'm glad it's not just us :) Save your one treat for the week because I'm making Grey's Anatomy Cupcakes!!!