Friday, December 07, 2007

Down with Oprah

Take a long slow look at these boots. Aren't they beautiful? Don't you just love them? Wouldn't they look simply divine nestled at the bottom of my dark wash jeans? I have already imagined myself walking around in them buttoning them over my jeans, unbuttoning them and folding them over just like in the picture. *sigh* isn't that a cozy image of cuteness?

Well forget about it all. I saw these boots on the Martha Stewart Show, and I unknowingly thought that I'd look them up and email Jon and hope to find that "Santa" had brought them for Christmas (or even better, that "Santa" would buy them for me right now and I would be able to wear them sooner) so I looked on and selected my desired size and color only to be informed that they were out of stock and on backorder until February or March. Not to be so easily derailed I checked (until March). Fat lot of good that does me here in Arizona, by March it will be 100 degrees and we will be getting out our swimsuits. I barely have a reason to have them in the first place living in a place that has a mildly cool season for two weeks and that's all. So I turned to the place all desperate shoppers of this generation turn to: ebay. And they have them, boy do they have them! 5 whole pages of them in all colors. I almost breathed a sigh of relief mingled with joy, when I noticed the average price people were asking was 400$ when they retail for 140$. Um-- I'm not that stupid, nor am I that greedy to justify 260$ worth of pure want. And then, I saw the reason for this travesty. Under all of the descriptions was this hateful little phrase: "As seen on Oprah's favorite list." There it is, the reason I will not be buttoning those cute boots over my jeans this season--because Oprah had to open her big fat mouth all over national television and tell everyone to buy these boots. And I know just what a hundred or so ebay entrepreneurs did, they tuned into that show just so they could make a note of what was going to be hot this season, and as soon as Oprah mentioned the products, they bought them so they could resell them to everyone else at an astronomically high price.

I hate Oprah.
I hate ebay.
and I hate Arizona.


Andy & Jessica said...

I love those boots!! And I too hate Oprah for so many other reasons, and now for her favorite things list.

ali said...

I know, I already had a million reasons to dislike her, but now it's personal!!

Juli said...

Sigh. I dislike her booklist. It bugs me when I find a book I want to read and then discover that it has Oprah's "seal of approval" on the cover. I can never buy these books because I don't want to appear to be a sheep--just reading the book because Oprah said so--like everyone else. I found "Love in the Time of Cholera" on my own, thank you very much, and "Poisonwood Bible" was just one of the many Barbara Kingsolver works I've read. I don't need Oprah's help finding a good book.

Sorry about the boots.

ali said...

I totally agree, I hate being a follower too, that's the other thing I was irritated about. I don't want to be seen as one of the millions of people wearing that boot because Oprah recommended it. So that kind of ruined it for me too. Dumb Oprah.

Sarah said...

Wow that's really neat Ali

Sarah said...

I just couldn't resist even though Becky beat me to the punch....Okay I have always hated Oprah...she wields too much power in this world....ridiculous! However today I am selfishly grateful for Oprah because it caused you to write a hilarious blog that I laughed out loud reading!