Monday, January 28, 2008

Updates and Miscellany

For about the last week or so, I have been coming across a lot of things I could blog about, but I was too lazy to do so, so here are shortened versions of those blogs (because heaven knows I could write for paragraphs on just about any topic).


*For those of you who are interested, Jr. the goldfish is still alive and kicking (or fining). I ended up buying a ten gallon tank with a filter and all the accessories (and I mean all the accessories) and I was dangerously close to becoming a goldfish aficionado (for those of you who know me well, I tend to do things either full scale top notch or not at all) and if I had had a spare thousand dollars (ha ha spare thousand dollars! I crack me up!), I seriously would have built myself a fish pond in the back yard. Really--I really wanted to. Sadly though, a ten gallon tank for a goldfish will only work for about three years and then I'll either have to build a fish pond or I will have to "set him free" in some sort of natural body of water, and I'm leaning toward the latter.

*As you remember reading about my distaste for lunch, I thought I'd let you know that I have abandoned the concept altogether and am now having breakfast for the first two meals each day (I just loooove breakfast lately).

*An update to my recent blog about organizing, I thought I'd all let you know that Home depot has an amazing selection of garage racks etc. that I spent a great deal of time drooling over this evening (yes, I really do get that excited about organization in all forms)


*I was going to write a bitter blog about my dealings with poop as of late. My daughter has taken to pulling off her poop filled diapers and smearing them on all surfaces within toddler-arm's reach which is really only amusing the first couple of times (or at least I was able to laugh it off in an attempt to repress the tears that now flow freely at each poop "experience"). And on a particularly poopy day (literally in my case) I found numerous piles of animal feces on my property that made me so completely livid that I was honestly considering making a personal visit to all of my pet owning neighbors and giving them back their poop because I was just too darn tired to deal with any poop that was not my direct responsibility (I still fantasize about that bold move).

*I was also going to write a blog about my makeup woes (you beat me to that blog Nat). I had recently discovered that I have old looking lips, as in the color has faded and I can no longer rely on nature to be my only defense. Which sucks for me, because lipstick was always the makeup I could not bring myself to do for so many reasons mostly dealing with it coming off and getting on all other surfaces. And in my attempt to rectify both problems, I tried out several types of "long lasting" lipsticks that left me incensed and publicly humiliated as I scrubbed the stuff off my lips with makeup remover at a local Sephora because I was too embarrassed to be seen with it on any longer. And incidentally, I think I had to scrub off a layer of skin to get the stuff off...

*And lastly I was planning on writing a blog about my recent and noble attempt to take TV out of my life (for a day or two each week--I'm not totally crazy!). I have been so angry at TV for wasting so much of my time, I vowed to get revenge. So on Thursday, I decided to have my first "no TV day." It went pretty well, my kids had a quieter day, I was able to use my daughter's nap time to put snaps on my duvet cover opening (sorely needed) and I had a great time playing "roll the ball" with my son. then, at about 8 pm, I started to crack. My husband was supposed to be home at 7:30 to entertain me, and he had not shown. The house was empty, the kids were in bed, and the silence was beginning to eat away at me. I finally gave in and put on an episode of Gilmore girls and ever since I have been extremely disappointed that I failed to go just one day without TV.

Well, that's all (for those of you still reading...). Just little snippets of my mind to feast on. Sort of a dim sum of ideas if you will. I hope you enjoyed them--try them with a little sweet and sour sauce next time, I hear it's delicious.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


There was a commercial a couple of years ago that described the perfect opposite to my character. I'm not sure if everyone out there has seen this commercial, so let me paint the picture:

A Mom is sitting in her house with kids playing around her, and she says to the camera: "I don't clean my house so I can sit around and admire how clean it is, I clean it because life happens."

Or something to that effect. This commercial always makes me laugh because I love to sit around and admire how clean things are, especially my house. In fact, if I could stop life from happening so that my house would stay clean, I think I would.

Unfortunately, this dream of mine is in direct contrast to my actual life because I have children, and it seems as though their dream is to have the messiest house on Earth.

These days when I daydream, I think of beautifully organized cupboards and closets, shelves with bins and walls with hooks, and a perfect place for everything. Matching bins that are perfectly labeled with perfectly stacked things inside. And I always know where everything is, and everyone always puts everything back in it's place. And whenever we get something new, we throw something old away. It's hard to describe just how much I want this-- because I want it so very badly.

A few things I have discovered while trying to attain this dream, it costs money and requires a lot of initial work, and quite a bit of subsequent work to keep it that way. Also, I have discovered that everyone in the house needs to see the same vision, and that is pretty darn challenging.


Perhaps someday I will be able to stall life long enough to get organized.