Monday, April 07, 2008

kidding myself

Well, now that I have successfully alienated the majority of my readers by not writing in a couple of months, I thought I'd pick it up again. But I think I have picked up a few more readers in the interim and so I suppose it all evens out...

It is time for me to once again revisit my eternal problem--makeup. First of all, am I the last female on Earth my age that doesn't wear makeup? Ok, I know I'm not because I have seen my hideous fellow non-makeup sisters in makeover show after makeover show which forces me to make one of two conclusions: either I am just as hideous as these women and in a serious state of denial, or I really am the embodiment of youthful beauty that has no need for makeup "just yet" and is the exception to the "rule." For some time I have operated under the latter presumption (egotistical you say? most likely). On occasion, however, I feel the need to reevaluate my situation.

Before we delve into the solution, let's examine the background a little first. I do not now nor have I ever considered myself a "tomboy" (you all should know that by now) so that does not propagate my penchant for bare faces, and neither does a dislike or lack of taste in the fashion department (if I may be so bold to assert). I think it must stem from laziness. I was in a lovely little habit of using makeup when I was in college and when I got married and even when I was pregnant with kid #1, but as soon as he was born, it all went out the window and I have tried unsuccessfully since then to bring it back. Here's why-- I have realized that there are three main problems that I have with wearing makeup:

#1--putting it on. By the time I shower and get dressed and moisturize, I just can't bear the thought of spending another 15-20 mins putting on makeup (it takes me that long because I haven't done it on a consistent basis so I have to re-learn every time) and making my kid or kids wait for me. I just want to get going with my day.

#2--wearing it. Makeup is messy. Let's face it (haha let's face it! I didn't even plan that). It gets on everything from my clothes to my furniture to my kids and their clothes and I can never remember that I'm wearing it in the first place so I am constantly rubbing my eyes and wiping off my mascara. I can't bear the thought of keeping my kids at arms length because I don't want to get lipstick on them. I want to be able to kiss who I want when I want!

#3--taking it off. Um, let's start with the fact that I never remember to do so until the next morning when my eyes are crusted together! So gross right? I know, I'm not really that disgusting of a person I promise. When I do remember, it's like 11:30 at night and the last thing I want to do is spend a half hour removing it and washing my face. Plus, the eyemakeup remover stings my eyes so much that I can't imagine wanting to go through the whole thing all over again the next day.

Perhaps a more poignant question is: Why are all of you wearing makeup?

Back in the day only prostitutes wore makeup (haven't you seen Gone With the Wind?). I'm not trying to insinuate anything, just making a point. So basically like most other grooming habits, we can trace the origins back to some really great marketing scheme put forth sometime in the late 19th century or early 20th century. Which really begs the question of why we deem makeup necessary. So if it isn't necessary, it's optional--right? This is where I start to rationalize my reasons for "opting out."

"I'm young," I tell myself, "I'm a mother of young kids, and so I've got this whole cute young and natural mother look going for me. I'm not one of those hideous women in desperate need of a makeover. Bare faces are edgy and fashion forward (not to mention extremely convenient)."

This is what I say to myself whether or not it is actually true. But unfortunately it does nothing to quell the nagging feeling inside my head that I really should be wearing makeup. I like the way others look when wearing it, and I like the way it makes me look more sophisticated and edgy and fashion forward. *sigh* What is a girl to do?

Humorously enough I just spent over 250$ revamping my whole makeup collection with some really great stuff. Now all I have to do is wear it....

Fat chance!


Becky said...

Many thoughts:

I love my makeup, but have never felt that I've "had" to wear it. My husband loves me without it and notices when I do something cool with it. Win-win.

I feel it is totally acceptable to go out of the house without makeup. I love the natural look. And Ali, you've got a good look going on.

I'll tell you why. You've got a beautiful even skin tone and DARK eyelashes. (so lucky) Plus, I think you really can pull it off with your rockin' glasses.

To answer why I wear makeup. I really like mascara. I feel like I "need" it. I've got extremely blonde eyelashes. But...when I'm tan...I feel better about not wearing any makeup at all.

Another reason I like makeup is that it makes me feel more put together and professinal or "ready."

But I will say this...I never want to get to the point when I won't leave the house with out "putting on my face!"

I want to know what kind of makeup you just bought...cause I recently just made some great purchases at the MAC counter!

oh yeah, I hate taking makeup off. That is my one downfall. And I wish I were more skilled. I have two sisters that are SO GOOD with makeup and an old roommate that rocks with application and style.

Tell us what you bought!

Becky said...
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ali said...

I loooove mac too, that's one of my favorites. the stuff I just bought is Bare Minerals. I thought because it is really light and natural that I would wear it more often. So far, not so much... but I do like it!

Becky said...

I've heard good things about Bare Minerals. One of my girlfriends uses their products and LOVES them!

Sarah said...

I just want to say that I am glad that you are still alive. There were a few months without your blog and frankly I wondered what had happened to you....
Having said that I am super glad you are back. You are talking to Mrs. Natural. I never wear much so that when I went in a car recently the person in the car looked at me when I got in and said right away "Oh you are wearing makeup. It looks really good". What does that mean? Do I look better with it? Am I always ugly without it? Those were the questions I asked myself....but sadly even if the answers to those questions are YES. I am still too stinkin lazy to wear makeup more than twice a month...and that is a stretch. So I say lets stick together and wear makeup on special occasions and just revel in the fact that we have more time in the morning than other women.

ali said...

you and I Sarah! We are a dying breed! I also neglected to mention that I feel much better when I tell myself that my skin will be much healthier than everyone else's...

Juli said...

Hooray! You're back!
And Hooray! for natural faces. Anyone who knows me knows that I am essentially anti-makeup--although probably not for the same reasons you are. I barely know how to apply the stuff, don't have a clue what brands are out there, much less which one I would prefer, and most people in Hawaii are so casual that wearing makeup is the exception, not the rule.

Having said that, I do feel compelled to bust out my eyeliner and mascara more frequently in my old age. I swear all traces of color drained right out of me when I hit 30. I look fairly bland on a daily basis. Oh well! It doesn't bother me except when I catch my reflection in a mirror next to someone younger and prettier *cough*melanie*cough*. =)

Anonymous said...

Well here is my first comment on your blog...enjoy :)

Ali, Makeup is a great invention that should be celebrated and enjoyed.

However, that being said, women have so many things we HAVE to do, makeup should be optional. We should take our power back. I love that I have the choice. Who's to say that I should have foundation, eyeshadow and powder daily. Today I want mascara only, maybe a little blush tomorrow and on rare occasions full application. I think of makeup as an accesorry, as it's nearly as expensive as some of my shoes/handbags. It should be used seasonally, at my will and as I choose. Besides, we all know that "over accessorizing" is worse that going without.


Sarah said...

Amen. I love bare faces. And another reason is that good make up is expensive! So for those of us cheapskates out there...that's another good reason not to do it. But I agree with Becky that you already have a great look going on.

Melanie said...

You know, the reason I wear make-up is because without mascara I look hideous (blonde eyelashes make for scary looking face). In fact, in high school if I didn't want to go to school all I had to do was come downstairs without mascara on. My mom would take one look at me and tell me that I looked horrible and I must not be feeling well. Somehow after that I can't bring myself to leave the house without it on!

ali said...

Melanie, that is so funny! You could really use that...

Aliesha, Sing it Sister!!! I love being a women of this age where we have the option to choose!

Andy & Jessica said...

Your back, I have been missing your post's!
Ali you are one of the lucky ones who can get away without wearing makeup. You have great skin!
I am one who really can't get away without wearing makeup.
I feel the same as becky, I feel more put together when I am wearing it. When I don't wear it, I feel like I am either needing to workout or just a slob and that the day has not yet began.
I actually really like to put on my makeup. I think it is fun! I know, I am really weird.
However, I do love the look of no makeup on others and I wish I could get away with it and feel good about it. I am not their yet.
Anyways, I hope you get to use your new makeup. Sounds like you got a lot of it. Good Luck:-)

Britney said...

You crack me up!

I have a few thoughts and tips too:

So, of course, if you don't want to wear makeup, then you shouldn't. There are days when the LAST thing I want to do is wear make up...therefore, I don't (like today)!

I have not seen you in like 10 years :), but I'm sure you are still the beautiful Ali I remember :)

Also, I hated when my lipstick got my kids and husband. SO...I now only wear the kind that stays on all day and prefer the Cover Girl stay on lip gloss. I really love it!

So the reason I do wear makeup is because I look like death when I don't, plus it just helps me feel better about my self.

I don't have any tips on rubbing your eyes. I guess I just never have because I've always worn contacts and never been able to rub.

Good luck! Love ya!