Thursday, June 12, 2008

The People Have Spoken!

...unfortunately, I'll only be listening to one of you.

I have decided to create a separate  private blog for pictures and keep this blog public.  Many of you have already recieved an invitation (check your emails), and anyone else that would like an invitation, please leave me your email in the comments section and as long as I know you and know you not to be a serial killer or creepy stalker, I will gladly oblige.

I know what you are all thinking: "oh man, not another blog that I have to keep track of!!" But I think you'll find that this will work smoothly--in fact, think of it as an extension of my blog, not as a separate blog that you have to bookmark and keep track of (unless of course you want to...).

Here's how it works:
on the right side of my blog under "links" is the phrase "picture pages" click on that and you can go straight there as though it were part of my blog, and when you are there you can click back.  See?  Wasn't that easy?

Also, once you are there, feel free to look at all of the posts, the first one is really cute.

Have fun!

**caveat: separate blog is subject to change and perhaps one day I will combine them into one super blog, but for now this is looking like it will work fine.


Chris said...


I like your new picture blog. Based on that and some urging from my wife, I am setting up a photo gallery (Hallstrom Family Photos).
It will have photo galleries for each family and they can set the privacy settings for people to view.
This isn't to replace your picture blog, but rather a place where every family can post pictures.

Everyone should be getting an email soon.



CassiLou said...

Hi Ali,

I know you don't know me, but I do know Kevin pretty well, I'm Cassi (Harrington) Palmer. And we'd love to keep up with some of the Hallstroms also. Thanks, Cassi (cassandrialspalmerAThotmailDOTcom

Adam and Bri said...

I wanna see!

Thanks, Ali!

ali said...

done and done! Let me know if it didn't work...

Britney said...

Sounds like a plan!

Kristi said...

Don't forget me!


Anonymous said...

I want to see the new baby too!

mmclarkfam said...

Hi Ali, it's Melissa! Sorry i didn't get to see you last time you were in UT...I'll look forward to the next girls nite! I cant wait to see the new babe!!! Hope all is well.

ty & megs said...

hey ali! just found you through jill. can i see! pretty please?

kevinr said...

I love reading your blog and would love to see pictures of the kids too. Send me an invite, if you would.
Aunt D

Sarah said...

Me too please.

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

well, add me too!
Thanks for the reading suggestions. I haven't read tons of YA books, but I have read the Twilight series, Host, Harry Potter and thoroughly enjoyed them! One of the things I do like is that they are clean...although the 3rd one (new moon or was it elcipse) was starting to push the envelope on that. Yes, I am a Gilmore Girls fan too...which embarrasses Tyler but Art actually enjoys them too!