Monday, August 04, 2008


I am at a point in my life where I am secure enough with my identity to admit a few things, and here they are in no particular order:


I hate to hike.  I know that hiking is supposed to be something that everyone is supposed to enjoy, and when you tell them that you hate it, they act like it is a sin against nature.  Invariably they get this look on their face that says you hate to hike?  How can that be?  Are you saying that you hate outdoors?!?  I mean, if you want to get all hot and sweaty walking around through itchy plants and bugs with the sun beating down on you--be my guest, but it's not for me.  Ironically, when you use the term "hike" to describe a distance it is generally a negative connotation, as in I had to hike all the way up here from my house.  Or it's quite a hike from here...  And yet when it's used in reference to the canyon, suddenly it becomes a positive thing...


I'm so over the dog thing.  A couple of years ago, I really wanted a dog.  And then two things happened: I dog-sat for my Mom for the weekend, and then I got my own dog*.  All of the barking and hair and bad smells and poop in the house got really old really fast.  Now I'm to the point where I honestly can't understand people that like dogs.  I think that the "I love dogs" gene goes hand in hand with the "I don't mind messes and dirt and incessant barking" gene, and I was given neither of these genes.  I'm not sure I even like puppies anymore (Gasp!!).  I mean they are fine and cute as long as three inches of plexi-glass separate us, and I'll smile and wave, but really those are dogs in there.

U2 and Dave Matthews Band:

Here's where I betray my generation.  Lately I'm finding that I forward all of the U2 songs and Dave Matthews Band songs on my ipod, and when one comes up, a little groan enters my head partly because I feel guilty for forwarding them, and partly because I want to go on to more enjoyable songs.  This forces me to ask myself-- do I really like U2 and Dave Matthews Band?


I have not recieved the first official "I'm calling Ali on her cell because I can't reach her on her home phone" yet, and I haven't been able to hear my ultra cool custom ringtone as a result.  it's driving me nuts, and I have to keep calling my new number just to make sure it works...

My blog:

I stalk my own blog.  I read and reread and reread my posts.  And then I read the comments, but I always reread my post before I read the comments.  Jon caught me doing this once.  "What are you doing?" he asked.  "Reading my comments" I answered.  "but you are reading your post..."  "...yeah..."  "...but you wrote it..."

The temperature:

I'm upset that it isn't hotter this summer in Arizona.  I want to be able to wow people with my tales of 115 degree or higher weather, but then I check the weather on my computer and it is only 105 and I get disappointed. (I mean while it's already too hot to enjoy being outside, it might as well be impressive, right?)


I do this odd thing when I am reading a book, I start to think in the same style that the author wrote the book in.  For instance, when I read Jane Austen I think the word "one" a lot, as in "one would think so," or "securing one's happiness."  When I read Uglies  and Pretties I began to use the author's slang: "littlies" for kids and "happy-making" for, well, things that make you happy.  And recently, as I am reading An Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Krouse Rosenthal I find myself compartmentalizing my thoughts into short (hopefully amusing) anecdotes just like I read in her book (hence the style of this post).  Also, I have started writing more in italics because I like the way she does it.


I still make faces at myself in the mirror.  And then, when I'm done, I look around a little embarrassed that I was just making faces at myself in the mirror.

Silly expectations:

I always expect things to be smarter than they are, like the fly in my car for whom I roll down the window to allow him to be set free, and when he refuses to fly out, I angrily wonder why he would rather stay in a car where he will most certainly die.  Another example is my cat who is not allowed to jump on the counter, and he gets squirted with water when he does, but even after all that, he still meows over and over as he stares at the counter right before he jumps so that I know exactly when to squirt him.  And then I am always disappointed that he wasn't smart enough to mask his intentions.

*this only lasted two very long days, and then she was safely returned to the breeder to be sold to a more tolerant-of-poop-in-the-house kind of person.  I'm sure that she has now found such a place to live.


Anonymous said...

I blog stalk myself too! :) But I like hiking....

Adam said...

Ali, to quote one of your own posts, everyone likes hiking so there must be something good about it. I think you just enjoy being different.

And speaking a someone who has seen them 13 times, if you really want to enjoy Dave Matthews Band here's what you do: Go in your room, crank up #41 on the Crash album, strap in your air guitar and just go nuts. Feel free to switch to air violin too. After that jam session the Church Lady herself would be a converted DMB roadie.

ali said...

hey, come now! My point with the last post was that we should all be ourselves regardless of whether or not what we like or dislike is popular.

Juli said...

I'm with you on the anti-dog thing. Actually, I'm a step past that: I'm anti-pet in general. We were supposed to babysit our friend's fish for the summer and I couldn't even handle that. I had to give it to another neighbor after about 10 days.

I grumble about cleaning up after my kids, but I assume that someday they will pretty much take care of themselves. Pets never do. And they attract bugs. The last thing we need here in Hawaii is another excuse for the ants and cockroaches to set up camp throughout the house.

A few years ago I somewhat cavalierly promised Natalie that she could get a pet when she was 8 years old. I assumed she would forget. She didn't. That day is fast approaching and I'm fervently praying that I can convince Nata of the joys of caring for a pet rock.

One can dream, right? (I read Jane Austen, too!)

Andy and Jessica said...

If I had it my way, I would never get a dog. But all three of the boys I live with want one. So I tell them, maybe when we live in a house with a fenced in back yard (or never)
I also skip over Dave Mathews and U2 on my ipod. I have also been skipping over Counting Crows, Andy has all of their CD's on our itunes library and it is getting pretty old.
This was a fun post to read. I love your blog:-)
I wish we could have had more time to hang out in Utah, but is was fun to see you and your family.

Sarah said...

Ali do you have an iphone? I'm jealous if you do.
I love your posts partly because now I know more silly things about you....let the teasing begin.

ali said...

I do have an iphone that I am dying to use, but still, no calls.

And yeah, I figured that mirror thing was going to come back to me ;)

Becky said...


-I love hiking. Wish I could do it more (but the hubby has a bum knee)
-I want a dog so bad! A big one that stays outside that I can run with...i will name him Bruno if he is brown and pooch if he is blonde.
-I not only love u2 but worship bono.
- i just "prank" called ya so your phone would ring..even though I'm at work
- I also blog stalk myself..and adam notices
-most out-of-arizona peeps don't know how hot it is we just assume it is 115 degrees!

loved this post! already miss you guys!

Adam and Lisa said...

I think everyone with a blog stalks does exactly what you do. I have been known to let the baby cry just one more minute to see if I have any comments on my blog. And as far as DMB and U2. I really like them, but being IPOD-less, I just don't put those CD's on anymore.

Adam and Bri said...

I re-read my posts over and over again, too. The editor in me just can't help herself!

Thank you for showing me I'm not the only crazy in this blog-world.

ABlack said...

Hey I called you yesterday on your cell phone to wish you a Happy B-day! Did you get my message? I think you were in the shower actually, sorry you missed the ring. =) You make me laugh, thanks!

ABlack said...

Hey I called you yesterday on your cell phone to wish you a Happy B-day! Did you get my message? Actually I think you were in the shower, sorry you missed the ring. =) You made me laugh with this post, thanks!


Natalie said...

The author thing...I totally do that. And almost every other you mentione. I said almost.

Seth & Libby said...

I have to say, this is my favorite post of yours, although I haven't read them all. I miss you! Write me sometime, eh?