Sunday, August 10, 2008


Phrases I love:

Reckless Abandonment--it's just so much anarchy in one little phrase!

And some punctuation that I can't get enough of:

?!?! or the reverse !?!?! the first being used at the end of an overly emphatic question, and the latter at the end of an emphatic statement with a hint of question. Very useful, and I find that they allow me to express myself better.

Words that I love:

Nefarious-- I absolutely love this word, but I find it very hard to work into conversation.  I've tried, many times, unsuccessfully.  

Evidently-- I always think that something funny is going to follow this word.  Seriously--try tilting your head, raise your eyebrows and say it with a smirk--and then try not to laugh.  it's not possible.

Unhinged-- this word gives the best visuals.

Awkward--it really is.

Terms I invented and their definitions:

Kid Noise:  The noise that accumulates as a result of having kids around.  More specifically that which comes from the television, radio, or toys.

I've had too much kid noise today, I need a break.

Words that are completely overused:


Words that are on the bullet train to overused town:

sick (as in super cool)

Words that are misused (and quite frequently) annoying me greatly:

Deconstructed  --Deconstructed does not mean unstructured (without formal organization or structure), and it has no place being used to describe haircuts or modeling poses.  Deconstructed is a literary term that describes a relatively vague concept that is used to analyze literature--not hair.  The official definition of Deconstructed is: "to take apart or examine in order to reveal the basis or composition of often with the intention of exposing biases, flaws, or inconsistencies"  or in other words, within the constructs of a particular literary work, lies the ability for it to be undermined  (see what I mean about vague?).  So please stop confusing the two (if you have never heard this done, you will start to notice it, I promise).  

Phrases that are Magical:

No Offense
Just Kidding


Mommyto3K's said...

Kid noise is a good one. I'm going to have to use it:-)

Mommyto3K's said...

Like....I've had too much kids noise today. I think a need a drink,lol!!

ali said...

exactly :)

jill said...

Loved your post Ali. Just kidding. I hated it. Just kidding. but no I really liked it. Just kidding. No-seriously I did. Love SNL! I think there should be a ban on the word fierce after Christian from Project Runway single handedly filled the fierce quota for the next 350 years. How 'bout un-fierce? Hee Hee.

ali said...

oh I know! He singlehandedly killed, resurrected and killed again the word Fierce.

Sherri said...

Hi Ali!
This is Sherri Scoresby. I just found out that I work with your sister in law, Becky. She gave me your blog so I thought I would leave a message and say hi!

Juli said...

I just heard the word "sick" (as in super cool) for the first time the other day. I think we're a little behind the times here. Or maybe it's just me. =)

I love the phrase "knock yourself out". Oh, and for some reason I can't stop giggling when I hear someone refer to biceps as "guns".

Andy and Jessica said...

Evidently, I have also had too much 'Kid Noise' today! Maybe if I deconstructed my day tomorrow I will have less of the noise.

Did I use deconstructed in the right way?!?!?

ali said...

um... close :)

Natalie said...

raw? I must be totally lame because i haven't heard that one except to describe carrots, apples and lettuce.

ali said...

Natalie, you need to watch more SYTYCD!!!