Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Blog and User Guide

Hello intelligent readers of mine!

For a while I have been speculating that perhaps you all have not utilized my blog to it's full potential (this is just a guess as I have not heard one way or another), so I thought I'd give you a little user guide to my humbly wonderful blog.

First of all, like the background picture? This is some graffiti that I found while on a trip to NYC. I liked the use of color.

Next, if you mosey on over to the right, you will see a few things that I have changed over the last couple of months. First is an email address that is here for you (yes, YOU!) to contact me whenever you want for whatever you want as long as that privilege isn't abused. Second is a list of my other blogs that I also have for you to enjoy. Picture Pages is a private blog showcasing pictures of my family for those of you who want to know what we look like (incidentally, if you want an invitation to that blog, email me or leave a comment and I can grant that wish if you meet my criteria...), and Made By Ali is a new blog that I just created last night! It's going to show all of the fun little projects that I do in my life--check it out! It is a public blog, and I hope that you will all love it.

Below my blog link list is a bookshelf from shelfari, a fun new website that a friend of mine showed me where you get to review books you have read and recommend books to others and see what your friends are reading. Click on that and you can see some of the books that I intend to read and some that I have read. (As you can see it is currently empty which means that I am not reading anything as of yet, and you can visit my other blog to find out why.)

Below that is my twitter updates. What is twitter you ask? Micro-blogging. Essentially, I log on when I get the chance and answer the question "What are you doing?" and it instantaneously posts on my blog for all to see. Check it out, it's kinda fun.

Under that is a list of my Laws of Nature. These laws have been proven by scientific experiments to be true. The rest I'm sure you know, is standard.

I know what you are asking yourselves, "Ali is a mother of three, how on Earth does she have the time to do all of those things, have an opinion, and then blog about all of it?" Simple--I neglect my kids.


Britney said...

I laughed through this whole thing! Especially the part about "I neglect my kids!"

Natalie said...

oh, Ali! I love you! When you move we will still have ali's turn and that makes me feel a little bit better about the whole danged situation.