Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dear Mr. Peterson

Good day,

Thanks for your mail.

For how long have you been waiting to received your money?, with my position in the society whatever I ask you to do, do it and wait for the outcome.

Meanwhile, your money was approved by the senate committee on foreign payment few months ago and up till date the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, did not do anything concerning the money that is the reason why I wrote a petition against him to the federal house of senate which I am copping you the copy of the petition leveled against him for his negligence in office that made him to sign this letter of guarantee stating that as soon as your money is been revalidated nothing on earth will make you not to receive your money. This is how far I have gone on your behalf.

I will be going to the bank by tomorrow to know what is required for the revalidation of your fund. Please remember that with this petition leveled against the governor he might lose his job if care is not taking. And should incase you receive any thing such as mails or calls from the governor do ask him to contact Mr. Michael Peterson for further corresponding.


Get back to me as soon as you receive this message.

Mr. Michael Peterson

Dear Mr. Peterson,

Please I wish to asks question about emailing sent directly to malebox belongs to mine. Why send this you to me?, A worse candidate for a fradyulent emails you could not have find. I like consider mysef a smart person. Message like this made me mad like crazy and I want fly over to Nigeria to learn person such like you a lesson to show that it anger me that you imagine me dumbs enough to fall for scam from emales like these from you to me speaking of money that do not really exits in world that is real and then you'll threatened me with run-ons sentanses that made no sens about a people that I don't know that likely do not really exits in world that is real also. I have insulted. As for your question, I have waiting long time to always received money, but not from you and me resented the demands tone that you'll taken with me ask me to do whatever you also have asked just because you happens to will be in favored position in society. Me don't know how thing worked in
YOUR country but in me's countrys we don't to responded to Males demands us to do thing. You're to do you'reself a favored thing by reminding this.

As for the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo, I don't give flying monkeys what happen to him or his jobs neither am I happy to had fool like you to done anythings on my behalf. It sound to mine that you will be to overstepped your boundary in first place sinse you ask me not to mentioned you if I get asked question.

And to summary, should incase
YOU ever get urges to think send my an email like resemble this agian, please to suppressed. Don't be think for one tenth of a short like minutes that I am not aware that what you doing illegal and dishonesty. Shame should to be on you Mr. Peterson oh and while you are bothered please also to bothered learn proper english because it cause me extremely pain to read emale from you.

Please do not to respond for further corresponding to this emails for as long as you naturally life to last.