Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Bad Hair Day

Life is a little bit hectic for me. A few weeks ago, I moved to a different state (read total chaos), and bunked in with my parents for a week. Before that, I had started a weight loss program because my cute third child has made me officially heavier than I have ever been (each kid has given me a new record high, Thanks for that darling children).

What's my answer to all of this Chaos? Chop my hair off. Seriously. I now have a haircut that is a cross between Pat Benatar and Robert Smith of The Cure. I have been a long hair person ever since I was old enough to make my own hair decisions, and I have never ventured above chin length until now. Why? Because making a drastic change to your appearance when you already feel insecure is just plain good decision making. This of course leads me to believe a couple of things about myself because I am prone to introspectively dissecting each and every one of my decisions until my head explodes:

1. I am impulsive. I went in to the hairdresser wanting bangs because I wanted a change.

2. I deal with my weight issues by cutting my hair because I am so desperate for a change that anything will do (I have previous indictments).

3. There's a little bit of crazy in me (related to #1, but different)

And since the incident, I have been back and forth on the issue.

*It's edgy to have short hair.
*It's so easy to do
*I can now go swimming whenever I want
*I donated the length to some poor deserving child that has a disease (at least this is who I like to think has my hair, although there has been question after Jon brought up the possibility that some girl has purchased my hair for extensions and I could run into her someday and recognize my hair on her... I prefer the poor child scenario)

*Short hair is only edgy when you are skinny
*99% of the Victoria's Secret models have long luxurious hair, and the one that does have short hair looks weird.
*I now have to deal with a wicked case of bedhead when I wake up
*I also now have to deal with bad hair days. Bad hair days don't happen with long hair, because you can always pull it into a ponytail. Very rarely do you have to start all over with long hair.

The good news is that whether I feel like the singing "pictures of you" or "hit me with your best shot," there's always an 80's new wave vibe around my house, and heck, you just can't go wrong with that (plus, I'm also hoping to lose that weight and bring on the edgy).