Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ali Unplugged

I'm thinking its time to take a step back from all of this technology.  I want to move this blog to a once a month update for a little while, if even that.  I love you all dearly, and I'm thankful for the connections that blogging has provided, but I need a little bit of time to refocus ;)

So this is why I'll not be commenting on any of your blogs for a while, nothing personal I promise!

Love to you all



Anonymous said...

I will miss you! I look forward to your return when you feel refocused. :)

Melinda and Matt said...

I'll miss you too! I understand though the trap that the computer becomes!

Juli said...

Don't you just hate it when you realize that the computer has taken over?

Adam and Lisa said...

I totally understand needing time away from the computer. We'll miss you!

Natalie said...

I understand. but i am doing a giveaway today. Are you up for one more comment?? you know you wanna...just kidding. i understand completely.

i'll miss you. i will call you this week. promise:)!