Thursday, March 12, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day

It's the day I do absolutely nothing to get ready for Sunday.

Why is it that Sunday surprises me every week?  You'd think that I'd be used to it by now, and actually do something to plan ahead.  Here's a typical Sunday for us:

**Wake up leisurely (read: try to pretend to sleep in while the kids kill each other downstairs) and then have a nice big time wasting breakfast, because Church starts at 11, so we have plenty of time.

**Finish breakfast and look at the clock.  I have an hour and a half to shower and shave and change and get everything ready.  No problem, that's plenty of time! (can you see a pattern here?)

**I hop in the shower, Jon gets the kids ready.

**1 hour later (yes it really does take me that long to shower and shave) I hop out of the shower and realize I have a half hour left.  No problem, I know exactly what I want to wear.

**I get my outfit out, my skirt doesn't fit like I thought it would, there are a number of unexplained stains on my top (why am I hanging up dirty clothes? I ask myself), so I begin to look for something that fits well and is clean.  I end up going through about 3-4 different outfits all the while wondering why I can't bother to dry clean, or iron, or steam, or try on a single thing during the week..  

**Finally I'm able to pull something together (which isn't nearly as cute as what I had planned), Jon reminds me that we have 15 mins before church starts, and since I prefer to be on time, this means we should already be in the car.  This also means that I must go another week without putting on makeup (and thank goodness my hair is already hopeless--there isn't anything I could do to make it better even if I had all the time in the world), so I tell myself that I'm still young enough to pull it off and I grab some shoes.

**Jon and I then scramble to get everything together, the kids, the diaper bag, the bottle, the snacks, the church-appropriate books and activities- and then we all pile into the car.  We're going to make it!  I think naively.  

**We begin to hurriedly (but reverently) file into the back door of the Church when I notice my kids for the first time:  Gabe's pants are too short because his legs have long since outgrown his waist size (and continue to grow).  That's ok, I tell myself, everyone understands that.  Then I notice his hair, besides being more than a few weeks overdue for a haircut, it's a total mess.  Then I notice Greta is having the same hair problem.  "Didn't you bathe the kids??" I ask Jon--he didn't.  So I rush them to the bathroom while He gets a seat.  

**I frantically try to wet and finger comb my kids hair into something resembling combed hair when I notice that Greta is wearing the same dress for the third Sunday in a row despite the scads of cute dresses she has in her closet that continually go unworn.  I make a note to myself: Must remember to lay out Greta's dress early next week.  Then I notice her shoes are ALL WRONG despite the fact that she has scads of cute shoes in her closet that would match this dress.  And her shoes I add.

**We hurriedly (but reverently) walk down the hall to the Chapel, all the while I am making solemn promises to myself to NEVER let this happen again.  Must plan on Saturday! I berate myself.  Suddenly that annoying primary song has validity.


Emily said...

Were you in my houe last Sunday?? We kind of lead paralell lives !! lol

Erin said...

You know, even though it is just me I still feel like I have Sundays like this...sort of...okay, really it is nothing like this. I guess there should be some benefit to being childless and alone (I kind of like how sad and dramatic that sounds.)

Merilee said...

Seriously, I have to tell my self (and actually believe it), that church actually starts 30 minutes prior to it ACTUALLY starting...sigh...

Teri said...

good thing you look great with no makeup!! seriously you do! and as for the kids... well we are all there at some point right... Every sunday I notice my kids need their finger nails trimmed, hair cut and shirts ironed, or at least washed!! all this after we arrive at church!!

Juli said...

Change the names and this is us every Sunday, too! I've reached the conclusion that nobody cares what I look like, and the kids are cute no matter what state they're in, so it's not worth stressing over. But I stress anyway.

Natalie said...

Are you spying on me? because you just told my "Sunday Story" perfectly. Even though the story is mine, and i hate that stupid song, and i think that i will be better next week (every week) it still made me laugh. Thanks Ali!

heather said...

yep, that's how it happens. The worst is when yoiu realize that they haven't even brushed their teeth and they are literally coated with gook. This was a good reminder for tomorrow. smile