Thursday, April 02, 2009

I HATE CALLING BABYSITTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just thought I'd get that off my chest.

And here's why:

inevitably there is a hugely important event on a particular Friday night for which all three of my regular babysitters are busy (damned birthday parties), and for which it has taken me the better part of the week to determine this.

So now the scene is Thursday.....night, and I STILL don't have a babysitter for said hugely important event which leaves me calling the parents of every able bodied adolescent girl in a three city radius trying desperately to not sound like a moron who has left the babysitter finding to the last minute--begging for mercy.

I feel stupid, I look stupid, and the whole experience leaves me feeling agitated and shaky.

Is it any wonder that I am counting down the *years* until my oldest will be old enough to babysit?

5.  5 long and painful last-minute-phone-calling years to go.


Emily said...

I SO agree!! I always feel as if I am kind of "needy" and begging when I call the 13 year old. Seriously, why can't I get over that? They should be glad I'm "letting" them watch my 3 wild monkeys, right???? And, why are they not sitting on the couch, babbysitting kit by their side, with the phone in their lap awaiting my all so important phone call. Seriously....

Anonymous said...

Check out I used them to find my sitters and have had great success. It’s quick and easy to login and contact sitters directly. I highly recommend their site to all my family and friends.

Juli said...

Oh how I wish I could just hop on a plane and volunteer for the job!

So, did you find a sitter?

ABlack said...

Hey I've been thinking about you lately! I was at the park last week and there was a little boy named Axel there. How is that cute boy these days? What fun event do you have planned for tonight? Hope you are doing well.

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

I remember back in the day....I was so excited when I finally raised an inhouse sitter...don't know that Brennan was very glad about it, but it was very nice! We've got some cute YW in our ward if you need more names to draw from?

Merilee said...

I am thankful that I now have my OWN babysitter (granted I still have to pay her!). I have waited a long time, and had many bad experiences waiting for this! If you ever get in a bind, call and I will bring Ky over, she would love it!

ali said...


Those services, unfortunately, charge about twice as much as the local teen--but I have thought about it


I miss you! Hope you are doing well too!


Thanks, I seriously might take you up on that offer!

Diane said...

Oh, Ali...I hope you were able to find a babysitter. I remember those days as well, and how important it was to find someone you trusted as well as easy availablity! Not an simple task. My advice? Make a friend--train her and pay her extremely well--perhaps she will be available when others are not! Miss you!