Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let's Just Get Them All Out of the Way, Shall We?

The Rock Obama

Barack of Ages

Barack Steady

Barack and Roll

Barack Garden

Fraggle Barack

Between Barack and a hard place

Barack Band

Barack of Gibraltar

30 Barack

Hard Rock Obama

Barack Climbing

Barack the boat

Barack the vote

Baracket Science

Dumber than Barack

As nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of Baracking Chairs

Off his Baracker

Solid as Barack/Barack Solid

Get out from under your Barack

Barack around the clock

Barack Salt

Barack the Casbah

Baracking Chair

Barack a bye Baby

Big Barack Candy Mountain

Hit Barack Bottom

We will Barack you

You can't get blood from Barack

Pushing Barack Uphill

Volcanic Barack

Plymouth Barack

The Hand that Baracks the cradle

Classic Barack

Atomic Obama

Ticking Time Obama

Loves me like Barack

I vote we elect someone with a much less Punny name next term


Britton & Jamie said...

LOL, ok that is awesome!!

Natalie said...

ali, you're great! that was funny. As if you needed me to tell you that. you knew;).

jill said...


Adam and Bri said...

ok, this is fantastic. although i think "30 barack" was my favorite.

JujuBean said...

OK, I can breath again! Too funny. BJ and I often comment that our Commander in Chief is much too much the rock star. But time will tell.

Juli said...

O Holy Night! Tell me you did NOT come up with that list on your own. Too funny!!

Supertutu said...

Here is my addition
Do we have an Obama Nation
- OR -
An abomination

ali said...

Oh I totally forgot about that one! Thanks Mom!

Diane said...

Did you come up with all those? And Kathie...did you? I am very impressed...

ali said...

"Barack of Ages" was an actual headline if you can believe it. And that is what started the post. Some of them I thought of on my own, and the rest came from a google search of phrases with the word rock in them.

Basically I just wanted to illustrate how ridiculous I find the writers of those headlines to be despite the fact that I'm sure they find themselves incredibly clever ;)