Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bathing Suits--or is it Swimming Suits?

I love Bathing Suits and Swimming suits of most kinds-- the decorative, the utilitarian, the racing, the rash guards, and the board shorts, but I really don't care for stringy bikinis. I think I've always loved bathing suits, but it really gained speed in high school when I joined the swim team. Being on the swim team has forever cured me of a fear of wearing a bathing suit. I became very comfortable in them. Now and since then, I usually have upwards of about 20 bathing suits in my closet and multiple other accessories like rash guards and board shorts. Lately though, it seems that I usually only end up wearing the utilitarian type in the swimming pool or to the beach. This is because when I spend nearly 100$ on a new bathing suit, the idea of soaking it in chlorine (Gasp!) or salt water and sand (double Gasp!) makes me want to cry. This leaves me with one option: wearing it to lounge around the pool while I read and sip on cold drinks. Unfortunately, I have kids and lounging (hahaa... let me gather myself) isn't really an option which means if I want to lounge around a pool with a book and a drink, I'd need a tropical vacation without the kids, and you can guess just about how often those happen for me.
Some of the bathing suits that I really love lately are the retro-inspired type. These remind me of Rose Marie Reid, one of my favorite designers who designed bathing suits in the 1950's for hollywood glamour types (and incidentally she is a mormon). And here is where I post the appropriate pictures of some of my favorite bathing suits:

This is a beautiful Rosa Cha suit found on but the chances of me spending 250$ on a suit are slim to none (although it's tempting). And I just love the name Rosa Cha.

This one is from Down East Basics--love the ruffled collar

This is a Juicy Couture Suit that I bought last year in navy blue. I'm a sucker for ruffles and shirring. I think I'm making up for lost time, because when I was a kid I hated ruffles and shirring on my suits. And now that I'm seeing it in silver, I really want a silver one...

Maybe what I should do is follow the immortal advice of Rose Marie Reid herself:

"What you really need is a new suit for sunning, last year's for swimming and an extra one just for fun. A wardrobe of three or four suits isn't at all unusual any more... and some women buy 12 or 13 at a time."

- Rose Marie Reid