Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just the Highlights Please

Jon has been out of town this week, and rather than go on a large rant about how horrible it has been, I thought I'd give you the Readers Digest version:

*I've been woken up by my 7 year old son at 4 am for the following reasons (all separate days):

--To be informed that his nose is runny
--To be informed that he can't find his tissue
--To ask when Dad is coming home (never mind that I've been telling him all week)

In case you were wondering, these are not acceptable reasons for a human to wake another human. Did I mention that I'm not a morning person?

*I got a little overly enthusiastic with some facial waxing strips and peeled the top layer of skin off of my face in several places and now I look like a batman super villain. (by the way, facial waxing strips are a fantastic idea, I just need to work on the execution)

*My cat (who likes to be a pain in the neck by darting into rooms or closets unnoticed) got stuck in our book and game closet for 8 hours and had to relieve himself on all three of my and Jon's grandmothers' quilts. Handmade.

*I've had the immense pleasure of watching "A Night at the Opera" for the first time. I was a little worried because it's an old movie, and I wasn't sure if the humor would still translate. It did. Take a look for yourself, if this doesn't make you laugh, you need to check your pulse:

*I've been filling my lonely evenings with Beatles Rock Band (Which is more like Beatles Karaoke when you're all alone), emails and blog posts from friends (thank you by the way), internet shopping, movie watching, and Arrested Development. I wasn't cool enough to have seen this show when it was still airing, but I'm cool enough to appreciate it now. Basically it's the funniest show ever:

*And would someone like to tell me why oh why Project Runway wasn't on this Thursday??

*My favorite punishment to administer when Jon is gone: Early bedtimes. Go ahead and say it--I'm drunk with power.

*Things to look forward to this weekend:

--Paying my bills
--Braving the Grocery store and Costco on Saturday with all three of my kids
--Picking a fight with my son so that I can send him to bed early. Just kidding. .......for now


ty and megs said...

good luck surviving 'til jon gets back! i think i need to jump on the arrested development train. i keep hearing what i'm missing out on!

Juli said...

Weeks without hubby are the worst! Hang in there. And watch an extra episode or two of Arrested Development for me =).

Jill said...

Shawn and I love Arrested Development! It never gets old. Oh, man! Early bedtimes work well around here as a disciplinary tool; I think they started when Shawn was gone too. Keep up the sanity during the insanity! We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Ugh- hope he is coming home soon!! I will admit that your post makes me laugh (and cringe- I'm only laughing cause it isn't me).

Good luck with the shopping with the kids. It really is painful.

I hope you have some good chocolate to help you get through!

Britney said...

I'm laughing at the waxing...sorry :)

When Dave is gone, I too do early to bed. Why not? They have no idea and there is no reason to keep them up any later, because the reason they are up later (to see dad) is not an issue.

I am NOT a morning person, even if it is 8:00 AM...please don't wake me!

ali said...

no apologies necessary Brit! That's why I posted it :)

TheOneTrueSue said...

Arrested Development was the best show ever. So sad they took it off the air.

I did that with a waxing strip once. My eye was swollen for a WEEK. So embarrassing.

ABlack said...

oh my gosh, I love Arrested Development! Cooper and I watch all the seasons back to back last year and just died and the inappropriatness. I forgot all about the chicken dance, love it!
Things are good here, just waiting not so patiently to have a baby. My due date is in a week but I am ready now! Miss you.

Kara said...

Arrested Development is the best! So glad you discovered it.

Melinda said...

I feel your pain--Matt is gone for 2 weeks and every morning I think--wow--I'm doing really good...until I realize that he has only been gone 1 or 2 days!