Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Plague

(Stronger than a puny Spring Fever, it has the power to bring on full Summer Dementia)

Despite the fact that I love winter, and despite the fact that I have been enjoying the late snowstorms (really I have), Spring plague hit me quite unexpectedly today.

It seems as though the trees have all held a meeting and decided to blossom during the night while I was sleeping in my bed, and today as I walked through my school's campus, the heady smell of pollen from their blossoms filled my mouth and nose.

It seems as though the bugs are now in full reproduction, busily flying and gathering and working and playing as they do. I'm certain that I've swallowed at least ten since the winter was here.

It seems that the grass is greener than I remember it being and each blade is fulfilling the measure of its creation earlier than I expected. I've passed many students studying and kissing and whispering on it's mossy blanket today.

It seems like the days are longer than they should be by this time. I wanted to bring a coat to class today so that I wouldn't be cold on the walk back to my car, but instinctively I refrained. Something a part of me naturally knew to quiet my protesting mind.

It seems like the biting wintery winds have calmed to a warmer gentler breeze that makes me want to breathe deep and stand taller and stop a moment.

And right now, my soul desperately needs the spring. You see, it's locked in a tight box of winter chills and dark cold days of solitude.

So come Spring!

Come daffodils!

Come and kiss my skin warm Sun!

Come birds!

Come bees!

Come and blossom all the buds of the trees!


Melanie said...

I admit it, I might be ready for spring too, even though I just barely got to start wearing pants.

Kara said...

Here, here! Bring it on, spring!

Jonathan said...

I love this time of year! it's as if everything is brand new. I have never really been a fan of snow and cold weather, i love the first raise of sun that fill my skin as if to say, "Hello, remember me? Now put on some sun screan!"

Jill said...

Being here, I forget that it has been snowing in the recent past in other parts of the country. Spring is wonderful but always too short (in my opinion). Miss you guys-enjoy the weather!