Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Evidence that I might have OCD

Alright readers, I want to know if you do these kinds of things too or if I'm the only one:

1. I used to have my closet organized by color of clothing item and then length of sleeve, but I have recently realized that it makes much more sense to have my clothes organized by type rather than color (because when was the last time you said, I just want to wear a blue shirt, I don't care how fancy or casual it is? No, more than likely you say, I'd like to wear a dressy shirt to this party or a t shirt for the day). The categories are: Button up shirts; dressy blouses; casual shirts. And on the shelves: Skinny jeans; boot leg jeans; shorts; skirts; capris. And, I rotate my jeans. I wear the ones on the bottom of the stack and then at the end of the day I fold them up and put them at the top of the stack so that each of them get equal wear.

2. I organize my bills in the "to be mailed" stack according to size with the shortest on top, and then I stick a small post-it on top which has the amount of cash I need to pull out of the bank written on it.

3. When I grocery shop I always start at the side of the store which doesn't include the perishables, and end with the things which must be frozen or refrigerated (and on a side note, I make sure to go there last of all my errands so that the perishables will have minimal car time). When I put my items on the conveyer belt at the cashier, I organize the food into types so that all of the refrigerated items are together, all of the boxed items are together, all of the canned items are together, all of the cereal items are together, and all of the personal items are together. This increases the chance that the cashier will put them in coordinating bags which will make it easier to sort through at home.

4. When I get home and put my groceries in the fridge, I put them in categories single file so that nothing is blocking another thing. For example, when we buy multiple flavors of one thing, I put them in lines next to each other so that both are accessible.

5. When I do the dishes, I have a spot for each type of dish, and that type of dish will always occupy that spot. My silverware cart is organized thusly: all steak knives in the back section (so that no one will cut themselves); next section is for children's utensils (because it is bigger and the utensils are also bigger); next three sections are for regular silverware to be put in one per section at a time to ensure that equal space for all utensils exist careful to have a good mix of each type because similar types stick together and don't get all the way clean; next section is for misc. things like measuring spoons and other smaller oddities; next section is for sippy cup parts; last section is for large utensils like spatulas etc.

Because of my dish doing OCD, I have an extremely difficult time finishing a job started by someone else, and usually I end up just doing it over my way; and I also have an extremely difficult time doing other people's dishes because I'm not familiar with their machine or dishes so I don't know where to put things (seriously, it really does frustrate me to the point where I won't do other people's dishes--it's not just an excuse to get out of doing them).

6. When I shower, I have a particular order to my washing which I never deviate from.

7. I have a regular routine to my day (I'm sure I'm not alone in this one): After I wake, weigh myself, and take care of the kids' needs, I get my unflavored greek yogurt and add honey and then mix it up and eat it while I read emails and blogs. Yes I do this every day, and I eat the same thing for breakfast every day (except on the odd day when I feel like mixing it up with cheerios. Of course then, I have no idea how to eat cheerios and play on the computer at the same time, and I'm always happy when I can get back to my greek yogurt and honey. Also, when I switch it up and eat cheerios instead, I stress about the missed protein. really, I do). After breakfast, I shower. At 11:30, I drink an energy drink and eat a stick of cheddar cheese. Every day. I generally don't permit myself to have sweets until after this snack, and most times not until after lunch.

These are just a few of the crazy things I do.

Am I alone?

Am I crazy?

Please tell me one crazy habit you have in the comments-- I'd love to read them.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


I love vampires. I really do, and it has nothing to do with sex appeal. I just really love mythical creatures, and it has been that way long before Stephenie Meyer decided to write about them. It's a large part of the reason why I love Harry Potter. I love all of the Underworld movies and also Van Helsing, Brahm Stoker's Dracula was also pretty cool. I've always loved Greek and Roman mythology, and I've thoroughly enjoyed both versions of Clash of the Titans.

I'm just kind of a fantasy/Sci-fi geek like that.

What I do not like however, is a bunch of moony teenagers who whine about how much they love each other and how hard life is without each other.

Bella and Edward: You are annoying on multiple levels (which is ironic because they're such uni-level characters).

And, I kinda don't like Stephenie Meyer by extension for creating such insipid characters.

*sigh* There, I've said my peace.