Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Moving on.

I was having a very lazy summer. Sleeping in, making breakfast for my kids way too late in the morning, letting them play video games as long as they wanted as long as they didn't argue, that kind of thing. No structure, no plans, no workbooks of any sort. We were not making any attempts at "learning" anything or "retaining knowledge" per se-- we were swimming and lounging around. It was wonderful. I did this because I had had enough of the structure of school and I wanted to really embrace the ease of summer. I had sewing projects lined up and new novels bought for myself, and then all of that came to a screeching halt at the end of June.

Jon had earlier applied for a job with a different company because it was just time to find a new opportunity, but-- I put that out of my mind because I didn't want to get my hopes up only to have them dashed to pieces if they decided not to hire him. Well, they did decide to hire him which meant that we were on our way to the west coast. California! We are moving to Southern California! Can you believe it? Disneyland, the beach, you name it. So my lazy carefree summer quickly gave way to trying to find a good place to live with good schools for my kids, purging all of the junk that we've collected over the space of three years, trying to figure out how we make 5,000 sq ft of stuff fit into a 1,500 sq ft space, and all of the other "fun" things that go with moving.

I couldn't be more thrilled. This is the right thing for us, at the perfectly right time. Of course there are friends and family that are loved that will be dearly missed, but we will always be back to visit.

There is the rather large issue of the interruption of my schooling-- but the silver lining is that I'm heading to one of the few states in the union that have a plethora of really great fashion design schools so don't worry about me I'm a very driven chick, and I will get the training I've wanted all my life.

So wish us luck! We'll let you know how it goes, and in the mean time, I will be stubbornly holding on to my new books and sewing projects fitting them in any spare minute that I can.

And if you're ever in Orange County-- look us up.